When the Professionals You Depend on Let You Down ...

When the Professionals You Depend on Let You Down ...

Our attorneys in Annapolis, MD, will fight for justice

Your elderly loved one needed full-time assistance, requiring you to put them in a nursing home. But now, you realize your relative is suffering at the hands of the supposed professionals caring for them.

Whether your loved one was given the wrong medication or is covered in sores from not getting out of bed, you’ll get aggressive legal assistance from Legum, Nikolao & Mannisi, P.A.

Our legal advocates have the skills and experience to successfully represent your loved one in their nursing home negligence case. Neglect and abuse can come in many forms other than physical, such as:

  • Financial
  • Sexual
  • Emotional

From completely ignoring your loved ones needs to improper wound care, there are many issues a neglectful caregiver can cause. If you believe your loved one is being neglected or abused in their nursing home, call 410-263-3001.

Legum, Nikolao & Mannisi, P.A. will get the full story

Our attorneys will analyze every fact in your loved ones case to create a successful approach for the best outcome. We'll contact medical professionals for opinions and case evaluations. Legum, Nikolao & Mannisi, P.A. will also gather all necessary paperwork and insurance information, as well as details about what happened to your loved one.
Don't let the neglectful nursing home get away with abusing your relative. Call our Annapolis office at 410-263-3001 to start building a credible case.